Weekly Activities

The complete (tentative) schedule for the semester can be found here.

Week 7: Networks from Bibliographic Data

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This week we will dive a bit deeper into network analysis, focusing on what we can learn from modeling bibliographic data as networks. Rather than assigning readings for this week, we've listed a bunch of literature related to some of the techniques and concepts we'll explore this week. Feel free to explore that literature, and let us know if you'd like further suggestions for reading.

Week 6: Introduction to Networks

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Modeling historical, philosophical, or sociological phenomena as networks can bring a powerful array of quantitative analytic techniques to bear on humanistic problems. But interpreting the results of those analyses in ways that are intellectually meaningful is not always straightforward. Networks can reveal previously unrecognized patterns in large systems, but they can also obscure significant patterns and even mislead. Understanding how networks are composed, and how they can be analyzed and visualized is crucial for knowing when network models are appropriate, and how to interpret the results of network-based scholarship.

Week 5: Topic Modeling

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We're going to mix up the schedule a bit, and jump to latent semantic analysis and topic modeling! Our objective this week is to get our feet wet with some more abstract techniques at the interface of information retrieval, computational linguistics, and statistical modeling. Topic modeling is a super-hot (sometimes contentious!) field in digital humanities, and is being used quite fruitfully to design "smart" search algorithms and find relationships among very large collections of texts.

Week 1 - Introduction


  • Start thinking about what counts as data, how humanists use those data, what it means to manage data, and the role of data sharing in digital humanities.
  • A preliminary survey of what digital humanities/HPS can look like, and the many interconnected dimensions of a digital project.
  • Start to brainstorm ideas for course projects.