Welcome to the course website!

Think of this site as your dashboard for the course. 

Logging In

In order to view some content, and to post to the Discussion & Support forum, you’ll need to log in. Just click the “Log In” link in the bottom right of the page. You should be redirect to login with your MyASU account. If you have trouble, please let us know right away!

Weekly Activities

We’ll post an overview of our plans for each week under “Weekly Activities.” These posts will include links to readings, tools, and other material of interest. You should expect to see a post for the coming week by the beginning of the class period on Thursday. We’ll update each weekly activity post with screen-casts from our in-class sessions; we’ll endeavor to post these by noon the day after class.

Discussion & Support

The course discussion board is a space for asking questions, sharing information, and (in some cases) coordinating work on assignments. If you’re having trouble with something, create a new topic (be sure to include a descriptive subject line). Check back often, and assist others where you can.


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