Presentation Schedule

Here is the presentation schedule for the final presentations. Please talk to each other to figure out the order.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

  • Alexis
  • Bianca
  • Allison
  • Kristin
  • Jason

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

  • Jodi
  • Guido
  • Steve
  • Divyash
  • Ken

Thursday, May 1, 2014

  • Deryc
  • Erica
  • Grace
  • Nevada
  • Yawen


Links from Tuesday's meeting: IP, Licenses, and Repositories

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Here are a few links from our meeting yesterday evening.

ABOR Intellectual Property Policy:


ASU (institutional) Digital Repository:

Field/domain-specific repositories:

Big catch-all repositories:

Source code repositories

Next steps in DH: GISER R bootcamp!

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Over the course of the semester we've introduced you to computational methods using some of the more shiny point-and-click programs floating around the web. If you're ready to go further and dive into bigger datasets, use more advanced methods, and start designing your own work-flows, your best bet is to learn a high-level scripting language like R or Python. Lucky for you, Graduates in Integrative Society and Environment Research (GISER) is hosting a R bootcamp in May!

See below for details, and how to get involved. You can find the scheduling inquiry form here.

Follow up about GISER R bootcamp. Scheduling inquiry.

There was a lot of interest from you all about GISER hosting an R bootcamp. This is great. It has taken us a little bit of time to figure out some of the logistics of doing this, but we have now sorted out those issues. We now want to get an updated inventory of people's availability during May so we can find a two day, or evening plus two day, time period that works for most people. 

Background info:
R is a widely used, powerful, diverse, and open source programming language used for analysis and graphics. Unfortunately, R does have a steep learning curve. In the past, GISER has organized a short, student led, 2 hour workshop on R. The reality is, it take more time to really learn R properly.

We envision something like a 12-14 hr bootcamp during a weekend or two weekdays. There might also be a short one or two hour intro session the evening before the two full days, depending on what the workshop leader feels is best. 

To insure a quality workshop, GISER will recruit a knowledgeable grad student or post doc and would like to compensate them financially for their time. As outlined in the earlier email, GISER will cover most of this compensation, but GISER is also thinking that it might be necessary for people contribute a nominal sum of $10 to help offset the cost and ensure fair compensation. 

If you are interested in attending such a bootcamp style workshop please fill out the following form indicating your availability. Please only fill out the form if you are serious about participating. If GISER were to hire someone to teach this workshop GISER would want to make sure they are compensated fairly and payment cannot be justified if no one attends. 

Note, this form is meant to help us plan. By filling it out you are not committing to anything yet. 


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