Statement of Purpose

Contemporary research in the field of history and philosophy of science (HPS) makes extensive use of textual data, images, and videos in digital formats. The increasing availability of large volumes of digital data has created opportunities to ask new and transformative questions about the historical development and conceptual foundations of science. Yet tools that enable historians and philosophers of science to interact with these data lag behind those available in the natural sciences.

The future success of digital and computational approaches to the history and philosophy of science depends on forging links between computer science and the humanities. Most training programs in the history and philosophy of science do not impart the skills necessary to take advantage of these new modes of research. Similarly, computer scientists typically receive little training in the humanities, making it difficult to foster meaningful and productive collaborations with humanities scholars.

The Digital Innovation Group bridges the divide between computer science and digital HPS research through collaborative development, training, and cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that pushes the boundaries of digital and computational HPS, and fosters computational thinking in the humanities.