We develop all of our tools in close collaboration with Digital and Computational HPS researchers, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to user needs, and to develop a more sophisticated understanding of historical and philosophical scholarship. The Digital Innovation Group follows a strict open-source policy for all of our software, meaning that all of our tools are freely available to other researchers and computer scientists around the world.

The following open source software is being developed in our group. Feel free to adapt it for your own projects. If you have questions, please get in touch with us.

  • Conceptpower is an authority file service, which is based on WordNet 3.0 ( and can be extended as needed. It is being developed by the digital history and philosophy of... more

  • Herckules is a web application that allows to easily create visualization website for graph data. Herckules is currently under active development. Check back soon for more information!

  • Iolaus is a web application that lets you query several Neo4j instances with one request. It is developed using Spring 3, and can be deployed in a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.

  • Momo is a simple time tracking web application. Its main functionality is that you can clock in when you start working and clock out when you're done. Momo keeps track of how much you've worked. You can see the times you've worked in a timesheet... more

  • QStore4S is a graph repository that stores graphs formed by contextualized triples, so-called “quadruples.” Such quadruples can be generated using the desktop application Vogon.

    ... more

  • Quadriga is a web-application that acts as a clearing-house for text annotations -- in the form of contextualized triples, or “quadruples,” that form complex graphs -- generated with the Vogon desktop application, and as an environment for... more

  • This project is an attempt to make it easier to work with ISI Web of Science data in python. Specifically, the idea is to pull out different kinds of networks that can be generated from the data, e.g. direct-citation, co-citation, and... more

  • Vogon is a desktop application to annotate texts with contextualized relationship triples, so-called “quadruples.” Quadruples form semantic networks that when uploaded to a repository can be used to for example develop advanced search engines.... more

  • Wordpower is a dictionary service based on WordNet 3.0 ( that can be extended as needed. It is being developed by the Digital Innovation Group of the Center for Biology and... more

  • Zuul is a visualization tool for GATE annotations. It is a Java web application developed using Spring 3 and DB4o. You can deploy it in a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat. Zuul allows you to upload... more