Anomalous subgraph detection in publication networks: Leveraging truth

TitleAnomalous subgraph detection in publication networks: Leveraging truth
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBliss, N. T., B. R. E. Peirson, D. Painter, and M. D. Laubichler
Conference Name2014 48th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers
Date PublishedNov
Keywordsanomalous subgraph detection, Biology, dataset, Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, flavour model, graph theory, Modeling, Presses, publication network, scientific innovation, signal processing, Signal processing algorithms, signal processing for graphs, social network, social networking (online), SPG algorithmic, Technological innovation, transdisciplinary approach, truth model

Analysis of social networks has the potential to provide insight into a wide range of applications. As datasets grow, a key challenge is the lack of existing truth models. Unlike traditional signal processing, where models of truth and background data exist and are often well defined, these models are commonly lacking for social networks. This paper presents a transdisciplinary approach of mitigating this challenge by leveraging research on scientific innovation together with a novel Signal Processing for Graphs (SPG) algorithmic framework. The results suggest new ways for the study of innovation patterns in publication networks.