Tethne: Geographic Networks in Gephi and Google Earth

Many bibliographic datasets include institutional affiliations for authors. Using geocoding services, such as the Google Geocoding API, we can convert institution names and addresses into geographic coordinates that can be plotted on a map. Tethne provides geocoding services in the services.geocode module.

In this tutorial, we will use the Google Geocoding service to obtain geographic coordinates for authors in a coauthorship network (see Coauthorship Networks) and its derivative, the institutions network (see networks.authors.institutions()). We will then plot those geo-coded networks in Gephi using the Geo Layout plugin, and overlay them on a 3D map of the globe in Google Earth.

This tutorial was developed for the course Introduction to Digital & Computational Methods in the Humanities (HPS), created and taught by Julia Damerow and Erick Peirson.

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