Global Classroom Update

As part of our Global Classroom Project the Students from Leuphana University have visited Arizona and ASU from Septmeber 14 to 29th. During these two weeks, activities included

1. Developing of Group Project Prospectus for the rest of the Global Classroom:

During Class time and using specific homework assignments, each international team of students will developed a Project Prospectus that contains: (1) the driving question each team wishes to address; (2) a motivations statement that shows why we should care about the question; (3) an analysis of the problems connected to the question; (4) a set of methods that will be employed for the development of the projects.

2. Joint exploration of the main Urban areas in Arizona

Outside of regular class time, students and instructors will visit different areas relevant for the development of the projects. These exploratory activities aim to bridge the different understandings of urban environments in Arizona from the German and American perspectives. In this way, we aim to enhance a shared understanding of urban complexity in the students that will anchor the projects on a more stable and shared ground. These included:

  • Visit to Sustainability Sites (Arnim Wiek provided an overview of sustainability projects that the ASU School of Sustainability is involved with in the downtown Phoenix setting)
  • Visit to Heard Museum (Students had guided tour of the Heard museum in Phoenix, one of the finest museums in the United States regarding our American Indian art and culture)
  • Third Friday Art Walk — Meet Local Artists (Third Friday is a self-guided art walk in downtown Phoenix, ASU and LUL students experienced the rich art culture)
  • Trip to Arcosanti, Sedona, & Flagstaff, Arizona. (ASU & LUL students traveled to northern parts of Arizona, with visits to Arcosanti, Sedona, Flagstaff and Wupatki National Monument. The trip to Northern Arizona was an educational exploration of the diverse urban environments that populate Arizona and of the different sustainability challenges that they raise).
  • Visit to Taliesin West (Students received a guided tour).
  • Visit to the Phoenix Zoo (Students presented their research prospectus in an event at the Phoenix Zoo).
  • Visit to the Desert Botanical Garden (Students explored the various flora and fauna that our desert ecosystem has to offer )
  • After the Visit of the German students the groups that have formed during the visit, consisting of students from ASU and Leuphana University, will develop their research projects through a series of three more modules.