Autumn DigInG has Commenced!

The fall semester has commenced, and the Digital Innovation Group programming and research teams are gearing up for another big development push. Here are a few of the things that we're working on:

Vogon is a desktop application to annotate texts with contextualized relationship triples, so-called “quadruples.” This is an important tool for the Genecology Project, which uses Vogon to reconstruct social and institutional networks rooted in specific texts. We're also developing new Vogon manual and tutorial; you can find the latest draft here!

Quadriga is a web-application that acts as a clearing-house for text annotations -- in the form of contextualized triples, or “quadruples,” that form complex graphs -- generated with the Vogon desktop application, and as an environment for managing text-annotation projects. Both Vogon and Quadriga can connect to the Digital HPS Community Repository to pull out texts for annotation. The target release date for Quadriga 1.0 is June, 2014, but keep your eyes open for alpha and beta releases in the coming weeks!

Tethne is a software package for parsing and analyzing citation data in the Python scripting environment. Users can draw on data from the ISI Web of Science database, or connect directly to PubMed Central. Users can conduct a wide range of standard network-based citation analysis techniques, and export data for easy visualization in Gephi and Cytoscape.

For a full list of software and infrastructure development projects in the Digital Innovation Group, check out the DigInG website!

Meanwhile, the research group is charging full steam ahead on the Davidson and Genecology Projects. Watch this space for details and updates throughout the semester.