Wilhelm Ludvig Johannsen (1857–1927)

TitleWilhelm Ludvig Johannsen (1857–1927)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPeirson, B. R. Erick

Wilhelm Ludvig Johannsen studied plants and helped found the field of genetics, contributing methods and concepts to the study of heredity around the turn of the twentieth century in Denmark. His experiments on heredity and variation in plants influenced the methods and techniques of geneticists, and his distinction between the genotype of an organism—its hereditary disposition—and its phenotype—its observable characteristics—remains at the core of contemporary biology. Johannsen criticized biological explanations that relied on concepts such as vitalism and teleology. He instead advocated a realist and materialist approach to biology, but one that did not attempt to reduce biological phenomena to the laws of physics and chemistry.