Digital HPS

The Embryo Project

The Embryo Project Encyclopedia is the result of Embryo Project, funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by the Marine Biological Laboratory and Arizona State University. The result is an online repository of thousands of entries. There are three different types of entries. First, the "found objects" include items such as photos, videos, microscope slides, notes, and more. We found these objects, then gathered, organized them, added metadata, and then added them to the repository. Second, descriptive articles describing various aspects of embryo research and the social context in which it took place over time. These articles are mostly written by people at a seminar on the draft embryo ASU. Articles are reviewed, modified, marked and added to the repository. The third input is interpretative and narrative includes scholars and exhibitions to present the stories of science and its contexts trials.

Digital HPS Community Repository

The HPS Repository is a central database for storage and access to digital objects documenting the history and philosophy of science. The repository is where users contribute their download all objects for storage. The content is divided into different communities and collections, each for a different project contributing. For example, existing communities include embryos and biological laboratory project (MBL) maritime history.

Digital HPS Consortium

The Digital HPS Consortium brings together scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, science, and other social sciences, with computer scientists, archivists and librarians. The mission is to develop, support and promote digital HPS projects, including editing, publishing and scientific tools to make this possible. As much as possible, and recognizing the challenges and constraints, the Consortium is committed to open access and open source products. We are committed to developing sustainable infrastructure projects and products.