We contribute to educational programs and activities at ASU and beyond.

Regular Courses at ASU

  • Bio 311/HPS 340: Biology and Society (with Sharon Hall)
  • Bio 318/HPS 330: History of Medicine (with Jane Maienschein and Ben Hurlbut)
  • Bio 431: Genes, Development and Evolution
  • Bio 570/SOS 570/ASM 570: Fundamentals of Complex Adaptive Systems Science (with Michael Barton and Bryan Daniels)

In addition we teach special topics courses on Developmental Evolution, History of Biology, and Science and Theater (with Gitta Honegger)

Global Classroom Experiment

The Global Classroom was an experiment in curricular innovation conducted in partnership with Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany.

Online technology spurs education reform, expansion of ASU global classroom to Europe. Research-rich, writing-intensive sustainability, science and society curriculum to link Arizona State and Leuphana universities

Arizona State University, in coordination with Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany, has launched an educational pilot project which will lay the groundwork for a more intensive institutional collaboration in undergraduate education. Funded by a $900,000 award from Stiftung Mercator in Germany, the ASU-Leuphana program focuses on the topic of "Sustainable Cities: Contradiction in Terms?" blending virtual conferencing, using the technology of Vidyo, a revolutionary video conferencing platform, intensive writing assignments and student writing workshops, online exhibits, peer-to-peer mentoring, and in-person international exchange. This “global classroom” model tests traditional teacher-student roles, advances new, blended approaches to curriculum and teaching, and redefines the rules tying interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences education to “place.”

Digital and Computational HPS curriculum development

In order to facilitate the transformation of HPS through computational and Big Data Methods we are also developing education modules currently under development and are offering training sessions at professional meetings. Training sessions have recently been held at:

We also frequently contribute to the annual week-long ASU-MBL History of Biology Seminar at the Marine Biological Laboratory.