Deryc Painter

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Deryc is primarily interested in the interplay between interdisciplinarity and innovation. His research is focused on finding new ways to identify innovation using a novel framework of novel persistent keywords. He is also interested in mapping scientific fields and discourses using a variety of network approaches. It is his sincere belief that one day, understanding and mapping the intellectual ecosystem that produces innovations may one day lead to more scientific innovations from research programs, public and private, that were created, structured, and informed by this research to maximize the likelihood of innovation. You can keep up with Deryc's current research projects through ResearchGate or profile. Deryc is always open to chat or collaborate with individuals interested in these or related topics. You can get in touch with him through his email at In his free time, Deryc can usually be found listening to live local music around his hometown of Tempe, Arizona.