Julia Damerow

Scientific Software Engineer

Julia Damerow is a scientific software engineer in the Laubichler Lab at Arizona State University. Julia has a degree in Computer Science from the Beuth-Hochschule für Technik in Berlin and a PhD from Arizona State University. Julia wrote her dissertation about the development of a new research system for computational history and philosophy of science that is based on representing texts through graphs. She is interested in the application of computation to the field of history and philosophy of science and, more general, in software development in the digital humanities. Julia manages agile software development projects and directs the design, implementation, and testing of multi-tier software applications and RESTful web services using Java, Python, and Ruby. The software applications can be found at https://github.com/diging. Together with Erick Peirson she teaches digital humanities software development classes and workshops. In 2012 Julia, Erick Peirson, and Manfred Laubichler founded the ASU Digital Innovation Group (http://diging.asu.edu). The mission of the Digital Innovation Group is to develop new tools to support HPS researchers in processing and analyzing their data, to contribute to the development of a computational research system for history and philosophy of science, and to create new educational resources, opportunities, and experiences for students in computer science and the history and philosophy of science.