The Blaschka Glass Models

Project Leader: Florian Huber

The subject area of my dissertation is the glass models fabricated by Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka. Between 1860 and 1936 father and son Blaschka made models of marine invertebrates and flowers for university collections. (

One of the main concerns of my research is how these models were depicted and described:

1. I would like to create visualizations of institutional and personal networks who were involved in the production of the models. Furthermore, I want to illustrate how the concrete models traveled from one collection or scientist to another.

2. I want to calculate an approximate number of publications in which the models are mentioned. The annotation of the analyzed material should provide an overview in which scientific contexts the models turned up.

3. I want to compare these publications with scientific articles without a model-based approach. I want to find out if the use of models in specific research processes made a difference for the achieved results.

4. I would like to create a virtual exhibit, displaying not only the concrete models, but also the collections where they are housed.